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一班參加了Paxxioneer和中國探險學會(CERS)合辦的「心度遊」,明明可以乘坐專用探險船HM Explorer,卻坐上這些看似破破爛爛的小木艇,搞咩鬼?

伊洛瓦底江岸邊的Si Thal漁村,早年因電魚令河段漁穫大減,亦幾乎令這裡的伊江短吻海豚絕跡。數年前,英國政府資助夏里遜學院和緬甸曼德勒大學在這裡展開生態旅遊項目,幫助Si Thal漁村建造小型博物館,介紹村莊的環境、生活和文化,並讓漁民帶旅客坐上他們日常用的小木艇,划到河中心撒網捕魚,體驗真正的漁家生活。此計劃令漁民既可以保育自然資源,亦能增加收入。


Participants of this special learning trip co-organized by Paxxioneer and CERS (China Exploration & Research Society) abandon their state-of-art research boat and drift on these shabby dinghies. What’s up?

The fishing village of Si Thal by Irrawaddy River was once wreaked by dwindling catch due to electro-fishing. Irrawaddy dolphin disappeared from this section of the river too. A few years ago the Harrison Institute and University of Mandalay launched an eco-tourism project here to help the livelihood of the villagers by protecting their natural resources and keeping their traditional lifestyle. Visitors today can ride on real wooden fishing boats to catch fish in the river with the villagers, and contribute to the sustainable development of the village.

This meaningful trip will run again on April 2-9. Sign up now on Paxxioneer webpage!


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