探險的幕後英雄 Unsung Heroes On Board

探險家在前線衝鋒陷陣,可靠的後勤支援不可或缺。中國探險學會(CERS) 緬甸考察船HM Explorer 的船員完美示範了如何協助探險家和研究員的工作。

意想不到的是船員個個都是星級大廚!探險船的船員都是受過廚藝特訓的 ---- 黃效文除了是國際知名的探險家,他對食物的要求也相當嚴格,這當然不只是為了口福,而是為了整個探險研究團隊的健康和衛生著想。緬甸各地出產很多新鮮蔬果,這次旅程中我們貫徹 Eat Local的原則,讓船員每餐以最新鮮的當地食材為參加者炮製簡單但豐富可口的菜式。



An expedition would not be successful without a supportive crew. The wonderful crew on CERS’s Myanmar research boat HM Explorer gives us a perfect demonstration of such!

Not only are they competent in navigation and research logistics. All crew members of HM Explorer have received special culinary training from Wong How Man -- not that he requires his staff to be master chefs, but eating healthy and happy with whatever's available locally is essential to the hygiene and well-being of a working team in the field.

This journey is truly a sampler of local tastes. We enjoy the simple and hearty meals carefully prepared by the crew with the freshest ingredients from the regions that we are going to explore. Today, on the eve of Chinese New Year, they prepare a hearty barbecue dinner on the beach as participants are off to explore an ancient pagoda. A very impressive surprise indeed!

CERS rarely invites outsiders on this exquisite research boat. Now you’ve got this chance to explore Myanmar and meet the crew via Paxxioneer’s special learning trip. Sign up now:


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