咖啡杯裏的快樂聖誕 Merry Christmas in a Coffee Cup

聖誕冬日嘆一杯暖呼呼的咖啡——有否想過咖啡是怎樣來的?讓Paxxionner的老撾代表 Sam Say 向你娓娓道來!

Sam Say自己的故事已經是一部引人入勝的小說。他現在是積極推動社會進步的咖啡園主理人並咖啡師,曾經是跨國企業的高層,還是個夢想家、建築師、星級家廚。



Meet Sam Say — a coffee plant owner, social innovator, ex business executive, dreamer, builder and excellent home cook. He started this venture in his hometown in Laos after a journey across different continents as a refugee and a successful entrepreneur. He had one simple belief in mind — to improve the livelihood of the coffee farmers in Laos so that they can afford education for their children, especially girls.

It has been a decade of trial and error, acceptance and adaptation, sweat and toil, joy and tears. Sam has not regretted any bit of this humbling yet fruitful journey.

Join Sam in Laos to see how his dream materializes, and get inspired by his passion!

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