老撾食啲咩——街邊麵檔篇 Eat Well in Laos — Noodle Stalls


Paxxioneer的老撾代表Sam Say,堅持要心度遊歷隊體驗當地生活,離開酒店或遊客區,早午晚三餐都幫襯老撾人檔攤。最地道、方便又吃得滿足的,就是街邊各有特色的麵檔——鴨肉麵、雞湯麵、豬手烏冬、魚肉米線、老撾叻沙、清湯牛肉麵、牛筋河粉等等。


The landlocked country of Laos has a cooler and more genteel climate than its southeastern Asian counterparts. Family based agriculture drives the economy of Laos with abundant vegetables, fruits, freshwater fish, poultry, livestock as well as coffee and tea.

Paxxioneer’s local expert Sam Say takes participants of this exclusive trip to taste local life by Laos’ amazing array of noodle stalls — egg noodles with duck meat, noodles in chicken broth, udon with pork knuckles, rice noodles with fish fillet, Lao laksa, beef noodles and many more!



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