Serendipity on the Road

If you have followed Paxxioneer on social media for some time, you know very well that we are a vibrant platform to connect people with a passion. Excitement stirs when you meet people who share their passions -- at that instance this candid sharing becomes a spark that illuminates our thoughts, ignite our own passions, and intensifies our curiosity towards all things and people around us.

This path to invigoration has many forms to take. Some like to go solo; others in a gleeful bunch. Some goes impromptu; others with more planning and persuasion. Hence once in a while, Paxxioneer also takes the initiative to organise passion-searching trips to meet paxxioneers for like-minded individuals. This is a great opportunity not only to learn about the paxxioneers' expertise and way of life, it is also a mind-opener for fellow trippers to exchange ideas, professional knowledge and life experience with each other.


The recent retreat that Paxxioneer led to Wakasa in Fukui, Japan was one of such. Interested individuals from Hong Kong, China and the US met up in the serene coastal countryside of Japan for several good days to experience modern rural livelihood and have hands-on activities with local paxxioneers. Great fun and inspiring conversations were infused in the rice-paddy visit and exquisite vegetarian meal with Shimamitsu, as well as real fishing experience (on an operating fishing vessel) and fruit-picking with Asaka. Chats and discussions bubbled among participants too on their diversity of professions, from banking, finance, HR, counselling, education, NGO, cultural management to nuclear science studies.

Discovery happens when you step out of your comfort zone and your usual social circle. Who knows what magical chemistry develops when you cross an open mind with passion? That's what Paxxioneer is all about!

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