Spirited Away in Miho

The journey to Miho Museum itself, let alone seeing the Musuem inside, is like traveling through time and space to Peach Blossom Valley!

A group of business executives and educators from Hong Kong, China and the US, who are also fans of Paxxioneer, enjoys an exclusive guided visit at Miho Museum. We are grateful for such special arrangements by a friend of Paxxioneer!

Tucked away in the verdant hills near Kyoto, Miho Museum houses world-class Asian and Western antiques acquired by Mihoko Koyama, founder of Shinji Shumeikai (Shumei organization). This architectural masterpiece is conceptualized after the ancient Chinese folklore of Peach Blossom Valley, and epitomizes Shumei’s belief in the pursuit of beauty through art and appreciation of nature.

The participants also discover the passion of IM Pei, who designed Miho Museum, in a special exhibition of IM Pei for the 20th anniversary of the Museum.

But that isn't all -- there is also food for thought! Meals made from the fresh crops of Shumei Natural Agriculture farmland are available at the restaurant and bakery of Miho Museum. Shumei Natural Agriculture is a way of farming based on a deep respect and regard for nature. It emphasizes the harmony of life with people and nature.

After a hearty, healthy meal here, we proceed to the farmland to learn about sustainability, natural resources and traditional Japanese village architecture. Mesmerized by the soothing ambience of the serene valley of farms and rice paddies of Shumei Natura Agriculture Shigaraki no Sato, we are also impressed by the painstaking reconstruction of the two 200-year-old Japanese traditional houses built entirely of grasses, wood and soil.

The whole experience with Miho Museum is surreal, if not fairytale-like, and we appreciate the hospitality of the special guides at Miho Museum and the effort of a friend of Paxxioneer who make this visit possible.

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