Passions Ignited in Countryside Japan

Paxxioneer provides an amazing platform for life-experience seekers to look for a candid exchange of passions, talents and professional knowledge. You can now connect to an amazing variety of paxxioneers around the world with ONLY ONE CLICK AWAY! Yet here at Paxxioneer we understand that some might feel a little bit shy to reach out to a paxxioneer. So here we are to make the connection happen!

The recent trip to the tranquil seaside township of Wasaka, Japan brings participants to meet two new paxxioneers who share generously their expertise and way of life. It is also a mind-opener for fellow trippers to exchange ideas, professional knowledge and life experience with each other.

The Early Bird Catches The Fish!

Paxxioneer’s exclusive, experiential learning trip takes a group of 17 business executives and educators from Hong Kong, China and the US on a sunrise fishing boat excursion in the heart of Wakasa Bay in Fukui of Japan.

Riding on the boat with local paxxioneer Asaka and local fishermen ensures the drama of hauling a hefty catch of mackerels, horse mackerels, barracuda and mahi-mahi. We have the privilege to try the sashimi of some of the special catch of the day too — fresh from the sea!


Digging Passions and Sweet Potatoes

It's the season for a good variety of autumn harvest. We visit a government-sponsored farming school in Wakasa that trains aspired adults on organic farming and modern agriculture, through the arrangements made by local paxxioneer Asaka.
At the farm we have some good exercises digging up seasonal sweet potatoes with an introduction to sustainability, farming skills and community development.


Dream in a Rice Paddy

The meeting with another local paxxioneer, Shimamitsu, sheds different lights on farm life. Shimamitsu quitted his banking job in Tokyo and moved his family to Wakasa to become a rice farmer here. His sun-dried organic rice is very popular (and hence quickly sold out) with those who want to eat and live healthy.

The business executives and educators in this Paxxioneer journey have an interesting dialogue with Shimamitsu over an exquisite, wholesome vegetarian meal meticulously prepared by him and his wife.


Learning can happen anywhere across various professions, regions and cultures. This is what Paxxioneer is steering to! Hope to see you in the next journey!

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