老撾的那些年 Welcome to Laos

Paxxioneer心度遊歷隊一行8人乘坐螺旋槳飛機到達老撾東南部城鎮Pakse,當地paxxioneer Sam Say 馬上帶小隊尋訪他在這寧靜小鎮的足跡。

Sam Say是老撾華僑,越戰時一家逃亡到加拿大,再到香港工作,10年前決定回老撾建設社區。Sam一邊介紹街上小店的懷舊小吃、地道餐廳家常菜、精緻宗教建築,一邊講述老撾近幾十年的社會經濟變化,短短半天便給大家一個活潑生動的社會歷史課。

Paxxioneer’s exclusive learning trip to Laos arrives at Pakse on a small propeller carrier. Our local paxxioneer Sam Say can’t wait to take us on a half-day tour of his hometown.

Sam Say’s family were Lao-Chinese who emigrated to Canada as refugees when the fires of Vietnam War inflicted this part of Laos. He had worked in Hong Kong before returning to Laos 10 years ago with the vision to improve the local livelihood.

Sam gives us an interesting and concise presentation of contemporary Laos history complimented by mouthwatering local snacks and dishes.

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